Home Elegance Furniture - Sold us damaged furniture and wanted to repair it not offer a new one.

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We bought a furniture set from Home Elegance furniture in Brooklyn. We realized the night ater they dropped off the furniture that one leg of the sofa was broken. we called them up and they came to pick up the damaged piece. We were told we would have a replacement in a few days. After several days we called them and was told the the replacement part did not arrive. We questioned it and was told it wasn't going to be a replacement part but a new piece of equiptment.

After a few more days we called to speak with the salesman, we were told by a lady who answered the phone that he was not in as yet but maybe she could help us. e told her we were inquiring about our furniture. She said the part as not arrived as yet. We said, we should be receiving a new furniture and not a rrepaired sofa.

At this point I do not want to deal with these people. I cannot trust them with my hard earned money. They sold me damaged goods and not a new sofa. I cannot trust them as to what they are giving me.

I also do not believe they sold me the brand name of the furniture they we ordered from them

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